Introducing Telscope by Furuno Electronic Record Books

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why telscope


Shore Solution

Digital Platform

One Touch on Desktop

Reduce Administrative Burden

Checklists Connected to Logbooks

Fully Compliant to SOLAS and MARPOL

system overview

On Board Data Collection

On Board Data Collection

Navigation sensors

Automation system

Bridge equipment

On Board Data Storage

On board Data Storage

Secure database

Backup on board and on shore

Ship-Shore Synchronization

Ship-Shore Synchronization


Smart data transfer

TelScope Web Application

TelScope Web Application

Available on any browser

Responsive design

TelScope Web Application

module overview

  • Dashboard
  • Logbooks
  • Checklists
  • MARPOL Record Books
  • Voyage checklists
  • Noon Report
  • Fleet dashboard
telscope dashboard

The ship dashboard is the hub of all TelScope activities on the ship. The module display is access dependent, so each user can see their relevant TELSCOPE modules.

The display seen in the example above, is the workstation mode used on the ship bridge.

This includes the most relevant information for deck crew activities. Taking center stage is the voyage information, showing the status of the current voyage and the upcoming tasks on a timeline.

telscope logbook

The logbook module contains logbooks for Deck, Engine and GMDSS.

  • Flag approval is pending.
  • Sensor data is added to each log entry automatically, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand.
  • Separate viewing modes for signing and reporting makes the approval process easy and effortless.
telscope Checklist

Checklists are custom-made for each fleet or vessel. The easy-to-use checklist editor allows you to build your own checklists, and submit them for approval if needed.

  • Checklist items can be linked with a logbook, removing unnecessary tasks.
  • You can add instructions to each item in a checklist, ensuring that tasks are performed correctly.
  • The checklist module has been optimized for use on touch devices such as smartphones.
  • Opened checklists are available across devices, so you can start on one device and finish on another.
  • Multiple users can contribute to a checklist simultaneously.
telscope Marpol

The MARPOL Record Books module contain the following Electronic Record Books:

  • Ballast Water Record Book
  • Cargo Record Book
  • Garbage Record Book
  • Oil Record Book I & II
The MARPOL Record Book Module is similar to the logbook module. The main difference is the focus on operations, in stead of singular log entries.

The Voyage checklist editor is a tool to connect checklists to a route.

  • When sailing with a voyage checklist, all necessary tasks will be displayed in the dashboard.
  • Notifications will be given with a predefined offset to ensure that tasks are completed on time.

The Noon Report module, now integrated into the TELSCOPE electronic logbook system, serves as a vital data consolidation tool, meticulously crafted for daily maritime reporting.

This module aggregates crucial information such as the vessel’s GPS location, speed, and environmental conditions, ensuring the vessel crew and shore team have immediate access to the data necessary for assessing performance and making informed decisions.

With the Noon Report module, TELSCOPE elevates the standard of daily reporting, allowing for swift, precise, and effective oversight of maritime operations.

The fleet dashboard is available to ship owners, and allow superintendents to monitor the fleet, the specific vessels and their performance. The fleet dashboard uses the data that has been transferred from ship to shore, to keep oversight of the actual, current status of the fleet.

The shore part of the TELSCOPE system allows ship owners to:

  • Administrate users and role privileges
  • Create, edit and approve fleetwide checklists
  • Review and edit the schedules activities for the fleet
  • Support vessels in emergency situations

dark mode

TelScope Web Application dark mode

hardware specifications

TelScope 2224C is the standard unit shipped with TelScope. It is a multipurpose unit, and contains all necessary hardware to run a ship-installation of TelScope.

TelScope hardware specifications
  • OS

    Linux Ubuntu

  • Cyber security


  • Processor

    Intel 3955U 2.0GHz

  • RAM

    1 x 4GB

  • Storage

    Dual 240GB Intel SSD (RAID) in removable drive bays

  • Network

    4 x RJ 45 10/100/1000Mbps

  • COM

    4 x RS-422/485 isolated NMEA

  • USB

    4 x USB2.0 + 4 x USB3.0

  • Power


    • 110-230V AC, 24V DC
    • Automatic fallback without downtime
    • 39W power consumption
  • Environment
    • Fanless and silent
    • IoT enabled
  • Chassis
    • Two units can fit side by side in a 19″ rack
    • 3U chassis height
  • Other

    IEC 60945 approved

  • Graphics

    DP++, DVI-I, DVI-D