Personal Information

Furuno Hellas S.A. (hereinafter “Company”) is aware of the importance of protecting names, addresses, telephone numbers and other personal information of customers and all others who come in contact with the company, and regards the proper handling of personal information as its social obligation. The company has established the following personal information protection policy and is dedicated to adhering to these guidelines. 

Policy for Protection of Personal Information

  1. Personal information that is collected will be stored safely under a strict management system, and safety measures will be taken to prevent unauthorized access, the loss, destruction or alteration of this data, data leaks and other problems. The company will name an individual responsible for the management of personal information to ensure that proper management procedures are followed.
  2. Personal information will be collected in a legal and fair manner in which the purpose of its use is disclosed. This information will be used solely for the purpose for which it was collected.
  3. Personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the individual.
  4. The company will strictly comply with all laws and regulations as well as internal rules applicable to personal information.
  5. When a request for the disclosure, revision or other action concerning personal information is received, the company will take the necessary action immediately at the contact point that is responsible for handling disclosure requests, etc. after confirming that the caller is making a request concerning his/her own information.

Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

 The company collects personal information in conjunction with the following business activities.

  1. Manufacture, sales and import/export of electronic equipment, communication equipment, and other electrical, precision and general equipment.
  2. Repairs and installation of the equipment listed in item 1.
  3. Sales and import/export of ships, ship equipment and supplies, and fishing materials.
  4. Sales of automotive equipment and office equipment.
  5. Planning, production and sales of computer software.
  6. Installment sales and leasing of equipment in all of the above items.
  7. Credit guarantees, monetary loans and factoring.
  8. Services associated with communications.
  9. Non-life insurance agency business and life insurance sales.
  10. All other activities associated with all of the above items.

The Company uses personal information associated with the above items as follows:

  1. For the provision of services and fulfillment of contractual obligations associated with sales, installation and services (including application agency, repairs, inspections, etc.) for the products of Furuno and its group companies.
  2. For the distribution of information concerning products, services, special opportunities, events, seminars and other items concerning Furuno and its group companies.
  3. Updates and improvements of the products and services or of the studies, analysis and the collection of statistics for the development of new products of Furuno and its group companies.
  4. Notification of winners of prizes and contests, individuals chosen to serve as monitors in marketing campaigns, provision of goods and/or remuneration to these individuals, and various activities concerning the planning and operation of events.
  5. Responses to various inquiries, requests for catalogs and similar activities.

Furthermore, Furuno Hellas SA as the owner of the website  (hereinafter the “Site”) has
developed a strict system of  data collection and management of personal information of visitors/users (hereinafter “Users”), during visit, account creation and use of the Site.

The terms and warranties of this statement  do not cover, in any case, the relation between the visitors/users of the Site and any services that are not subject to the control and/or ownership of the Company.

Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the Company shall not be liable for any damage suffered by the user of the services, options and content of the Site to make on his own initiative and with the knowledge of conditions hereof.

Please note, that during the visit in the website, absolutely no personal information from visitors are requested. Personal information will be requested only in case that the visitor chooses to receive informative e-mails on offers and services of the Site, newsletters or proceed to create a user account in order to proceed with the purchase procedure of goods – services. In any case, the personal information that will be requested is the minimum necessary, relevant and appropriate in order the Company to fulfill the service, which will select the user.

Policy for Protection of Personal Information

The personal information that will be requested by the Company is the Name, Surname (or companies name), sex, date of birth, address (city – district, street, number, postal code), telephone, e-mail address (e-mail), credit card etc.

The Company strictly complies with the Greek legislation on Privacy Policy. The information given by users are not disclosed to third parties in any way not disclosed or are in any way exploited. These data are used only to the extent strictly necessary to:

• Fulfill the conditions and obligations of affordable services to users by the Company.
• Information support of users.
• Selection of content available to users, so be consistent with the general preferences.
• Satisfaction of the requirements of users about services and products offered by and through the Site.
• Informing them about the new products and services (offers).
• Serve the smooth operation of the site.

The Company may disclose personal information of users of the Site in the following exceptional cases:

• Has user’s explicit consent for the disclosure of their personal data.
• The disclosure is made to third natural or legal parties with which the Company cooperates (Suppliers or Furuno Group of companies) and only to the extent that is strictly necessary for the provision of services by the Company.
• In case that it is required by law, by the court or requested by any other government or regulatory authority

The Company may transfer your data to FURUNO group of companies, even outside the European Economic Area, in each case in accordance with the provisions of law privacy and ensuring the security of such data.

Correction – Delete of Personal Data

Site users can delete, correct/update at any time their personal data and information, simply by visiting the relevant website services.


This website uses cookies for the proper operation of services. The cookies are small files in txt format sent to the computer’s hard disk  of each user, in case that the user has chosen to accept cookies. The cookies are not used in any way for capturing user’s personal data or take note of any document or file from the computer, let alone they do not cause any damage to the computers of the users. Used only to facilitate user access to the services of the Site. The cookies are used for the following reasons :

• To identify and provide users with access to their account (login).
• To record general data traffic.
• To conduct research to improve the content and services of the Site and to facilitate access to them.
• To display information and advertisements to users based on their interests from previous visits to the website.
• For smooth operation of technical services and sections of the Site and the handling of public services provided to service users.

The user of the Site may configure their browsers so as to warn about the use of cookies, or to prevent
the use of cookies at any time. In case the user has chosen not to accept cookies for technical reasons may not have access to his account (in which the user should login), in order to proceed with a purchase.

IP Addresses

IP address is determined from your Internet Provider through which user’s PC has access to the Internet, and therefore the website. The IP address is retained by the network provider for technical reasons and for security systems of the Website (server, data base, network , etc.) and is used solely for statistical purposes.
The IP address of the user’s access to the Website may be disclosed if required –in compliance with the statutory procedure permitting- competent law enforcement or judicial authorities or other government authorities.

​Legislation – Existings provisions on security and protection of personal data

Where in this Policy we refer to the applicable provisions for the security and protection of personal data and its compliance with it, we mean Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 “on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and for the free movement of such data” or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as it has been mentioned, the applicable law and the relevant decisions of the competent bodies and authorities, as currently in force.