Since 1948, FURUNO ELECTRIC Corp. has enjoyed an enviable reputation for reliable Marine Electronics and Communication systems.

In the rise of the IoT era, large organizations in the world are struggling to manage a large amount of data, quickly and in real-time. Companies relating to the Industrial IoT (IIoT) are investing enormous amounts to develop solutions that meet this goal. In the future, many devices and subsystems will be incorporated into each other with the result of a significant change in our daily life.

A message from the Management

Furuno Hellas is consistently offering innovative solutions in the market of marine navigation and telecommunication systems, enabling shipping companies and ship managers worldwide to operate their vessels more efficiently. Nowadays, the need for real-time information from vessels increases significantly.

Theodoros Katemidis,
Managing Director at Furuno Hellas

Nowadays, there is a technological trend and remarkable interest in implementing systems that can collect, store, and monitor the data of a company’s navigation and communication equipment installed onboard in real-time. Additionally, the requirements for bidirectional communication and remote access have become more necessary than ever.

Kazuma Waimatsu,
Director of Marine Division at Furuno Electric Co., Ltd

Many times, in the past, our company was receiving requests to develop and produce secure, consistent advanced Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) trackers and Remote Monitoring Systems (RMS). In an effort to satisfy the above needs, Furuno Hellas established Research and Development Center to design and develop unique innovative solutions for the Maritime industry.


Our Scope

To continually improve its products and services and act as a leading technology company in the marine industry worldwide.


Design and Development of Products And Services

FURUNO HELLAS is involved in the Design and Development of new products and services that are applicable in the maritime business. These products and services refer to electronic systems for tracking and monitoring purposes which are owned by Furuno Hellas and are implemented either in the local market or worldwide by the Furuno network. Our R&D department is responsible for the Research, design, and development of new products and follows a dedicated Quality Procedure for design and development incorporating the IS policies for software development and upgrades. Its main activity is the evolution of communication of the Marine Electronics Navigation and Communication systems with complex IoT products with an eye on Industry 4.0 for the digital transformation of Furuno group, combines hardware and software such as IoT Infrastructure, sensors, Edge Hardware and more.

Areas of IoT Products

Astrolabe - Vessel Monitoring System Tracker

furuno hellas astrolabe

The ASTROLABE VMS & Tracking UNIT has been in operation and installed on Greek fishing vessels since 2014. The reliability and good functionality are proven all the years that the product has been on the market.

ASTROLABE II – VESSEL MONITORING SYSTEM (VMS) TRACKER is the second-generation of SATELLITE Tracking devices of FURUNO.

It’s an ideal solution for Detection and Control of

Fishing boat Detection (VMS - Vessel Monitoring System), which is the 1st scope of activity of the ASTROLABE device.

Search and Rescue at Sea.

  • ASTROLABE II device includes into a single housing a GNSS receiver for position detection, a transceiver for satellite communications through the global coverage system IRIDIUM, and a transceiver for communications via GSM / LTE mobile network CAT M1-NB1. Further, all antennas are integrated within the device.
  • It has been designed and implemented based on the specifications resulting from a detailed analysis of requirements for Vessel Monitoring Truckers. Aiming to emphasize the exact position (GPS) but also the exact information that sends, we chose the characteristic acronym ASTROLABE (The ASTROLABE – “ΑΣΤΡΟΛΑΒΟΣ” in the Greek language is an ancient astronomical instrument that was a handheld model of the universe. Its various functions also make it an elaborate inclinometer and an analogue calculation device capable of working out several kinds of problems in astronomy, able to measure the altitude above the horizon of a celestial body, day or night; it can be used to identify stars or planets, to determine local latitude given local time (and vice versa), to survey, or to triangulate).
  • ASTROLABE II is already certified by the Ministry of Maritime in Greece for Monitoring Fishing vessels for not fishing into prohibited and protected by EU areas (EU regulation for VMS), the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)-Wireless and Long-Distance Laboratory, Lloyds Register Type Approval, IRIDIUM and is already to Market!

HermAce Remote Monitoring and Support System

HermAce, designed to allow constant monitoring of on-board equipment anywhere and anytime, seeks to become an integral part of each vessel to ensure on-board safety and security and to offer completed remote Monitoring and Support solutions.The eruption of the Internet of Things (IoT) leads to the HermAce evolution. The customer along with Furuno may control the equipment condition in a customer-friendly environment, and he may ask for further help from technicians for alerts resolution.

The HermAce Remote Monitoring and Support system seeks to fulfill the increasing need for real-time information from the vessels that are currently considered as “remote offices”.

Remote Monitoring

The basic functionality the system supports and was initially made for. Customer should monitor their equipment status through the HermAce Portal and receive automatic notifications.

Remote Access

Where we stand for at this moment. The HermAce will cover this requirement and will help customers and Furuno to control equipment, perform a pre-survey check test as well as make the foundation for the Remote APT.

Remote Service + APT

Where we want to go: VDR Remote APT along with Remote repair service with an eye to Furuno’s digital transformation and how we imagine the future.

Following verification by LR, the new solution received Approval in Principle against “Digital Twin Approved”, the second stage of LR’s ShipRight Digital Compliance Framework, ensuring that elementary functions, capabilities and limitations of the digital twin were defined and evaluated. The solution, including the digital twin, was also qualified by Nettitude, the cyber security arm of LRQA, as having level three cyber security maturity in accordance with LR’s Cyber Security ShipRight procedure

Established demonstrable good practice around cyber within the brands

Demonstrates the management of cyber risk within ISM Code/DOC Audits (IMO resolution)

Sets expected standards for vendors and system integrators for cyber within new builds, refits, and upgrades

Moves towards formal identification within Class that cyber security controls are being managed

Our Research and Development Center worked hard and in November 2021 Furuno Hellas was awarded Approval in Principle (AiP) from LIoyds Register for the HermAce voyage data recorder (VDR) DIGITAL twin and Remote Service as an alternative to onboard annual VDR performance testing!

This is the first verification carried out by a classification society of a digital twin specifically designed for this purpose.

In the next years, Remote Service and APT are aimed to be provided by Class and Flag for 1000+ agreements on installation.

Achievements within 2021

Granted the Cyber Security Certification from LR.

Successfully got the VDR Remote APT (Approval In Principle) “HermAce VDR as an alternative to VDR Annual Performance Testing”.

We designed and started implementation of an Open Scale IoT platform where the actual goal is to gather data through APIs from multiple accounts in order to manage and process them via a centralized API, where we will expose insights and analytics to help users, service providers, and customers to gain from those data.

In 2022, in continuation of the Open Scale IoT platform implementation, we are also implementing a WoT (Web of Things) Platform called “Furuno Data Universe” for processing and visualizing other platform data whenever these data are on the cloud. A very unique and innovative project for exchanging of information of the vessels through the internet, in order to bridge the gap between equipment on board the vessel and the Web.
Further, in 2022 we will standardize and provide Remote Services to Furuno Engineers globally.

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